Progressive Thinking

Making smarter, sounder investment decisions.

Sustainability priorities evolve constantly. We need to constantly rethink and reconsider our investments to ensure a continuous focus on the future, and make choices that help us to look after both people and planet. We are working hard to make sustainability a priority throughout our business.


Our targets:

Participate in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and achieve a
high rating by 2017.

All eligible portfolio properties to achieve Green Star Performance certification by 2018
with the aim of achieving an average portfolio rating of 4 stars by 2018.

Effectively adapting and reacting to change.

To stay ahead, we need to be flexible and resilient in the way we operate. We need to develop scalable solutions and adaptable buildings that will withstand shifts in extreme weather events and climate change impacts.


Our target:

Undertake a climate risk assessment on 100% of all investments by 2017 and develop 
climate adaptation plans based on the assessment outcome.

Thinking carefully, and differently, about the future.

As a business, we are fostering an innovation culture. Only through ongoing innovation can we stay relevant to our people, customers and investors. Innovation will help us reduce risks and create tangible benefits for everyone.


Our target:

Identify opportunities for innovation - incremental through to breakthrough, with
a sustainability focus.