Restoring Resources

Making clean energy accessible for all.

We want to be smarter and more efficient in the way we use the planet’s finite resources, and ultimately, regenerate what we use.


Our targets:

Undertake LED and solar PV analysis for existing properties and present it to customers by


Undertake LED lighting upgrades and install solar PV panels across 25% of the portfolio by
area by 2018.

Respecting and reconsidering our water use.

When it comes to water use, we are committed to understanding our impact in greater detail. We have also set ambitious targets to enable us to rethink our approach to water use and reuse. 


Our target:

Undertake water conservation and reuse feasibility studies for our most water-intensive
sites by 2017.

Changing the way we think about waste.

As part of our commitment to regeneration, and to reusing resources wherever possible, we are in the process of implementing new systems to help us understand our customers’ waste in the best way possible.


Our targets:

Develop an end of life waste policy in order to minimise construction waste from end
of life of interior fit outs by 2017.


Undertake a study of operational waste management practices on one representative
facility to allow a better understanding of the opportunities to reduce waste to landfill
by 2017.

Showing respect for the natural environment.

As a business, we strive to conserve, regenerate and enhance the planet’s ecosystems.


Our target:

Develop best practice maintenance procedures for landscaping and hard surfaces in line
with the Green Star Performance requirements by 2017.

Improving our sustainability at every step.

We realise that our impact extends beyond our operations to our supply chain. This is why we are on a mission to source only the safest, most renewable and responsible materials, and we’re working with our suppliers to make this a reality.


Our target:

Develop sustainable procurement guidelines for purchasing consumables to encourage
sustainability and transparency in product specification by 2017.